The story begins back in 2016, I was very frustrated of my G-mail inbox because I was unable to find an important email. Through scrolling thousands of useless promotional emails, I realized one very strange thing, My inbox was filled with very relatable and similar sorts of emails, I almost went paranoid when I started to dig in depth, there were mails from services I don't even remember ever using or registering to, In fact, so many emails that I don't even felt like checking my mailbox.

Now, This was a real life problem that I was facing. My work depends a lot on emails. If my email inbox remains stuffed with useless emails then would I be able to focus on the Important emails that I may receive?

One solution was to maintain a second account and strictly using it for one purpose of work. However, we all know how difficult it is to find a desired email username on a public site like gmail or hotmail. All of those are ever so bloated that you can almost certainly be dreaming if you get (yourname)@(something) on their service unless your name is a complex arrange of alphabets & numbers. Hence, I was in desperate need of a solution.

The solutions were clear, I absolutely have to had an email service which doesn't suck. I already owned my domain ( and first wild idea in my mind was to pay Google to host my email but that somehow wasn't the most appealing thing due to news of tech giants tracking our activities online. This wasn't that big of a concern because I'm a small fish in a giant ocean but I still didn't wanted things to go out of hands just in case the tables have turned. I was over-optimistic So I was looking for a solution that didn't suck.

Using a generally available service was not a solution that I wanted. I started exploring email suites which I could host at home or in a small server running in a colocation that I can trust. There were many candidates but I was convinced to use mailinabox. I particularly bought this domain ( to host my mail server. However, MIAB had quirks which forced me to find a replacement. Thankfully, I had a conversation with Mitchell Urgero this guy is a God Sent, His suggestion was that I move to Mailcow, So, I set up a test server and start evaluating it. It was a love at first sight given that it supported a lot of features that were simply not available with MIAB and on top of all, it came with a very clean one size fits all approach. It overall was easy to understand, well documented, easy to transition and amazing!

So I transitioned to mailcow over the coming days and that's how I took back the control of my emails, in simple words, I get only 0.01% of the spam/promotion emails that I used to get on email. Plus, I can control very easily the nature of emails that make it through the email filters. I have set up custom rules to automatically reject the non-essential emails and give priority to senders that I Know.

This has helped me improve my focus on being productive rather than wasting time digging through emails to find out which one was the mail that I was supposed to receive in this pile of emails that I don't even know who sent me.

In conclusion, I'd totally recommend using the two emails approach having one email strictly for work and second email for personal use. You can use email tags to identify if your email is being leaked by a 3rd party to the spammers. If You're paranoid psychopath like me then You can also choose to self host, You won't regret it.

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