Today I launched a new product through ORNG, very appropriately naming it Jucer. The aim at starting this new service is to make it easier for everyone to have their full featured website without breaking a sweat. The system is still in the works but we're already accepting orders on deploy and transfer basis (we deploy your services and then transfer them to You) and if You need a professionally managed website, you can get in touch on [email protected]

The idea behind starting Jucer is to let people focus more on their skills rather than making them learn to design and develop websites, Hosting servers etc. I have been into websites for almost a decade now, starting out from blogger (ala blogspot) then realizing it's limitations and moving to WordPress, I was self-hosting website for my then passion. Things have gone north since then and I've taken server administration as my dope.

With my experience on Open Source solutions like WordPress, Discourse, Mailcow & Ghost to name a few, I'm certain that we can find a platform for your next big idea and help you maintain focus on your content while we take care of it working and looking as you expect it to. For example, I host myself, It's built on Ghost. It has been fantastic so far. I also have a forum on which is powered by discourse and you're free to take a test drive over there while getting a chance to interact with me and other people who know a lot about internet and systems.

In a nutshell, Going forwards, we aim to make it a simple & straightforward process for you to get up and running with a workflow that's simple and streamlined. You'll get a single line of code that you need to paste into your ssh console and you'll be good to go.

As of now, this is still a future plan. Right now, we Just set up your server by hand and then you're free to do whatever you want. We will manually log in to it every 15 days to update everything or if you have an issue with it, We'll fix it. Everything is a bit clunky at this time but expect it to be much smooth going forward. We're constantly evolving and making our service better. Expect us to create one step installers in the coming months. I plan to make it simpler for everyone to have the online presence they deserve. That's why we'll include emails and SSL into the mix.

Let's build a better internet together.